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K. Allen

Working under the guidance of Peter Bryceland has enabled me to understand the nature of Thought affecting positive changes in response, behaviour and communication from a personal, social and professional perspective.
Exploring further understanding and awareness of the subconscious thought processes and the forms they take (modality and submodality, linguistics, sublinguialics and body language) allowed me to operate on a conscious level to bring about positive changes and promote fulfilment in all spheres.
In addition, by adapting to other peoples modalities and submodalities, I can now establish more meaningful and deeper connections with everyone and affect change in others. (and therefore my self)

In short, Peter Bryceland had equipped me with the tools to assimilate and replace un-useful thinking and behaviours; to empower and optimise my Self on a personal, social and professional level throughout my life.
Quite literally, Peter Bryceland is a Life Changer.