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Personal and Corporate Training

Here at the Pete Bryceland Practice we are able to provide a number of bespoke training solutions.

We Specialise in the following:

Stress Reduction

Stress can have a massive impact on both your employees and your company’s bottom line.

We offer training aimed at reducing work place stress, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment and how to quickly and easily deal with stress as it emerges.

By training staff and managers how to recognise stress and stressors, both in their private lives and in the work place, and how to effectively deal with those stressors before they become a problem, your business will benefit by reduced sickness, reduced staff turnover, increased profitability and increased employee satistion.

Internal and External Customer Satistion

Do you ever wonder why there are just some people you can’t work with, or communicate with?

It may be that by experiencing our communication training you can gain insight into how your staff and your customers prefer to be communicated with. Our communication training is created around your internal and external customers. By finding out just how they prefer to be communicated with, your staff and customers will experience increased motivation, a better customer or client experience, an improved relationship, increased loyalty and feel more valued. Imagine the effect of being able to tailor your communication directly to your prospective and existing customers, sales would increase, profitability would rise, client acquisition would become easier and current customers would be more likely to repeat purchase.

Dealing with Difficult and Volatile Situations

How your staff deal with difficult and volatile situations can easily affect the reputation of your company.

By training your staff in essential rapport skills and how to effectively deal with difficult or potentially volatile situations, you are not only protecting your business from potentially damaging situations but also protecting your employees from the negative aspects of these situations. Employees who feel empowered and supported when dealing with difficult situations are more able to resolve issues with confidence ensuring win-win for both you and your clients.

Group Dynamics

Group dynamics refers to a system of behaviours and psychological processes occurring within a social group, or between social groups. The study of group dynamics can be useful in understanding decision-making behaviour, ensuring cohesion within the group and increasing working relationships and productivity.

It is vital that any manager responsible for a group of people in a work environment understands how to get the best from their group or team.

Understanding how each member of the group prefers to work, what their stressors are, how to manage those stressors to achieve a harmonious working environment are essential skills in today’s modern working environment.

Using our bespoke Values and Meta-Programs assessment we are able to give you valuable insights into the best ways to work with your employees both on a one to one basis and also how to maintain a productive and cohesive team.

If you want a cohesive, productive and motivated group all pulling together to ensure the success of your company feel free to contact us now.

Building High Performing Teams

Do you experience lack lustre results from some of your teams, or have team members that just don’t seem to fit in?

High performing teams are the cornerstone of any successful business. Understanding how to build and maintain a high performing team is vital to ensuring your business is equipped to thrive in your marketplace. By engaging in our High Performing Teams Training Program you will learn how quickly and easily assess the individual needs and values of your team members and how integrate them into a professional, productive and motivated team.

Imagine how much more effective your team could be if they were all pulling in the same direction, felt equally valued and actually enjoyed working together.
What effect would this have on your business’s ability to forge ahead in these difficult and challenging economic climes?

Peak Performance Behavioural Modeling

Have you ever wondered why 80% of your results come from 20% of your workforce?

With peak performance behavioural modeling we can identify the differences that make a difference in your teams. By modeling the behaviour traits, beliefs, values and skills of your peak performers and contrasting them with those of your lower performing employees we can enable you to create ultra targeted training programmes specific to your company. The problem with many ‘off the shelf’ training programmes is that they are not tailored specifically to your employees needs. This creates a disparity in results and often leaves your team even more de-motivated and creates a widening performance void. Imagine the benefits of having your whole team performing at the same high levels of your most talented staff. Imagine how much more motivated those staff would be, knowing that their individual training needs had been identified and the missing pieces that enabled them to be more effective became evident and easy to implement. With Peak Performance Behavioural Modeling this can be a reality in your business.